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Application Overview

Thank you for your interest in one of our many homes available today! We are excited to help you find and move into a new fabulous home. To make your move as quick and easy as possible, please read through our Pre-Qualification process prior to applying.

***Application fees are non refundable***

All homes are first come first serve and you must have an approved application, payment of the security deposit in full and a signed lease to secure a home.

Our application process can take as little as 48 hours if you provide all of the required information below. Keep in mind – We cannot process an application until the application fee is paid and we have all supporting application documentation (see below for details).

Application & Approval Requirements:

Application Fee: An Application fee of $45.00 for each adult (over 18 Years old) in the house is required. App Fee must be paid prior to the application being processed. The app fee is paid during the final step of the online application online with a debit or credit card (no other payment method accepted).

Income Requirements: Applicant(s) must have Net Household Income of at least 3 times the monthly rent rate.
Example: Rent is $700.00 a month we require you to net (“take home”) $2,100.00 a month (Verifiable Income Only). In addition to normal wages we also accept SSI, Disability, retirement pensions, child support and other verifiable income. Unemployment payments, student loans, and food stamps are not accepted as income.

Evictions: Applicant(s) must not have any eviction filings on record (No Exceptions). Pay & Stay evictions count as evictions if they show up on your screening report.

Prior Rental History: Applicant(s) must not have open judgments from any previous landlord or apartment. Previous 12 months rental history required.

Criminal History: Applicant(s) must not have any record of sex crime, drug related, violent felonies or an extensive criminal history. All Felonies must be at least 10 years old. Time restrictions may apply to any other misdemeanors, felonies or convictions. Please call our office prior to applying.

Credit History: Applicant(s) must not have any utility or prior landlord collections. No car repossessions or judgments. Excessive amounts of debt, late payments, charge off accounts or past-due balances may cause an application denial. Any Bankruptcy must be discharged for 6 months or longer. No Credit is not an automatic denial though it may cause a higher deposit to be required.

Items needed to process your application:

If you have a pet please send over a picture of each pet.

Copy of Government Issued ID of everyone over the age of 18 living in the home. ID used for Identification verification purposes only.

All income items can be faxed to 317.912.1493, emailed to texted to 317-912-1145 or handed to a leasing agent.

*All Applications are subject to final approval by A Step Ahead Management and the property owner.