Emergency Calls Explained


What’s an Emergency Call?

If you are experiencing any of the following, please call our maintenance line immediately. We have a 24 hour emergency maintenance team on standby to assist you.



Burst or leaking pipes of any water supply line, spigot or shower head causing flooding to the premises (Includes water heaters and softeners)

Non functioning main water well system causing flood or non potable water

Main drain system backed up or causing an overflow of sewage into the home or yard

Clogged toilet. This is considered an emergency if the home only has one home and you are unable to remove clog


Heating or cooling system is not functioning when the temperature is below 55 degrees and above 90 degrees


Complete power failure in home causing blackout

Securing Property:

Damage to external doors, locks or windows that render the property insecure


Any internal or external gas leaks on the property. Gas has a rotten egg smell and would typically come from appliances or major mechanicals


Major storm or fire damage

Roof leaking (Please put something underneath to catch the water and minimize damage)

Tree fallen on home

Deck Damage causing swaying or potential collapse

Visible sub-floor damage that could potentially cause flooring collapse